The Ultimate Wishlist

If I had my way I would light some candles, put on some soothing spa music and take some hours off, just pampering my skin with the best products I can get my hands on. For some time now I have not had the time to take care of my self and my body. But since my daughter has grown up quite a bit now and sort of takes care of a lot of things by herself now, I have rediscovered my passion for all things beautiful.

And what better way to start than to take care of your beautiful self.

I love trying new skin, bath and body products. And my new love is makeup….. well actually, I have


Clinique Different Lipstick Sweet Honey – My ultimate nude lipstick. Now discontinued, so the hunt for the perfect dupe is ON!

always loved makeup and remember having a stash of well-chosen products in my dressing table top drawer from the time I was 16. Whats not to love about those tiny little packages? The candy colours, their fresh smell (sometimes good enough to eat), the shiny packaging, how they melt in your skin and instantly pick you up. And most of all how they boost your confidence, if used well.
I have been drawing up this list of perfect products that I need in different categories, like, my favourite nude lipstick, the best foundation finish, my favourite clarifying shampoo. ….and The Ultimate Beauty Wishlist was born. I thought I would share my reviews on products I have tried. Some of them I love, some not so great. And for some categories, my search has ended because I couldn’t have found a more perfect product for me.

I hope this helps you find your favourites too, happy blogging.


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