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Holiday Indulgences

I just returned from my short vacation in Portugal. I thoroughly enjoyed a relaxing 5 days on the beach. I love holidays, whether it is  to somewhere new or a place I return to again and again. I love to immerse myself in the culture of the area, and do things like the locals. And also some touristy things. But I can never come back from any holiday without a little bit of shopping. And since this was not  the first time we’ve been to Lisbon, most of the souvenir shopping was finished in our previous trips.

This time I set out Duty Free and cosmetic/pharmaceutical shopping. Picking up some things that I couldn’t find back home.

My holiday haul

It started on the plane itself, checking out those travel makeup palettes I was after. After scanning the ingredients list, the mini versions of the items included, the shades of eye shadows and lipsticks and ultimately the wear ability of the shades, I settled on the Clinique  Exclusive Limited edition All in one Colour after I saw the actual kits in Lisbon Duty Free.

Even though it didn’t contain as many items as the Lancome and Dior ones, I felt the colours of the lipstick swatches and Spicy(02) (a goldish nude eye shadow quad) and Mocha pink(20) blush would be more suitable. After all, I did want it for travelling and for quick touch ups on the go. For more details on this and the other kits mentioned check out my previous post

I also picked up some fall nail polishes. I always wanted to try a matt look for nails and I was surprised to find one at H&M.

I picked up a lip primer from Gosh cosmetics, which I’m dying to try and also an All round concealer palette from Catrice cosmetics (which we dont get in the UAE) for a steal at 3 Euros

I also picked up Garnier’s BB cream for oily skin, after I heard rave reviews from Simone Gannon. Watch her review here

And lastly , I have been obsessed with french pharmaceutical skincare brands, mostly cleansers because I have combination to oily skin and my pores can get pretty clogged from time to time.

I have been wanting to try glycolic acid and lactic acid exfoliants. So I managed to get my grubby hands onto Avene‘s Cleanance K cream gel.

Oh, and I think I may have a new love, Clinique Chubby sticks!! I love love love how they feel on the lips. I used it throughout the flight as they are supposed to be a tinted balm. They feel very moisturizing and leave a beautiful stain on the lips.  I bought shade ‘ a whole lotta honey’, which may be a close dupe for my all time favourite, now discontinued Clinique’s (96) Sweet Honey only a teenie tiny less pink.

They are also available in a set of 3 only in Duty Free.

I will review some of these products after I give them a try so keep an eye in up coming posts.


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