If you asked people who know Reesha to describe her in a word, the word you’d most likely hear repeated over and over again would be “creative”.
From Picou Picou Baby – her line of hand-made “lovables” that includes funky infant shoes, accessories, bibs and burpies, personalised picture quilts and nursery gifts – to bespoke bags, purses and clutches crafted from reclaimed fabric, one-of-a-kind wedding invitations and themed party planning, Reesha has married her professional training in graphic design to a natural eye for all things aesthetic on a number of inspirational projects over the years.
Her talents spill over from the craft station to the kitchen – where her love for the good things in life often translates into decadent delights for friends and family, and the dressing table – which is always stocked with unique accessories snapped up from all across the world and great beauty buys that have been hand-picked after meticulous research.
Reesha has honed the skill of online window shopping to such a fine art that she is the go-to girl for anyone looking for practical yet pretty products and presents. Whether it’s cute labels for your toddler’s lunch box or make-up brushes that do a great job on a tight budget, if there’s something you want, Reesha always knows where you can find it!

In the words of my sister, Radhina. If anybody could take EVERYTHING about me and fit it into a few lines , it would be her.

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